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NSW Coat of Arms, State Office Block

Cnr. Macquarie and Bent Streets, Sydney, 1967 - 1997

The State Office Block was built between 1961 and 1964 in the historic government quarter of Sydney. It was opened by the then Premier Robert Askin on 19th September 1967. For a short time it was Sydney's tallest building, and was one of the last major government buildings constructed in this quarter. The office of the Premier moved into the building from the Old Treasury Building, and State Cabinet meetings were held in the top-floor cabinet room.

The State Office Block was designed by Ken Woolley, a young architect in the NSW Government Architect's Office under the Government Architect EA Farmer, and was built by the NSW Department of Public Works.

These arms were created in oxidised bronze by sculptor Bert Flugelman. The Arms were made by Flugelman to be double-sided, as they were viewed from both sides within the lift lobby, and were the only coat of arms in the building modelled and made in this way (Woolley; State Office Block).

Image source: GPO 2 - 36139 State Library of NSW, Picman

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