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NSW Coat of Arms, Sydney Records Centre

66 Harrington Street, The Rocks, 1978


These Arms are located at the Harrington Street entrance to the building.

The Sydney Records Centre was designed by the NSW Government Architect's Office and built by the NSW Department of Public Works. It was opened in 1978, and houses one of the two offices of State Records NSW (the other being at Kingswood, in western Sydney).

The maker of the Arms is not known, and the material appears to be bronze or a bronze alloy. A notable feature of these Arms is the simplification of the representation, which omits the supporters (lion and kangaroo) and the flaming tips of the sun's rays in the crest. This may indicate some attempt to redesign and simplify the representations of the NSW Coat of Arms during the 1970s.

A question for research:

  1. Does the omission of elements of the blazon (or description of the Arms) affect whether this is actually a representation of the Arms?


Image source: Bruce Baskerville, Heritage Branch, 16th December 2004.


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