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NSW Coat of Arms, Timber veneers exhibition

Timber Homes Exhibition, 1944

The Timber Homes Exhibition was held at the Sydney Showground in December 1944 as part of the planning for post-war reconstruction. Although the Second World War was to last for almost another year in the Pacific, the Allies were already confident of an eventual victory and were beginning to plan for the future.

This stand at the exhibition features not only the use of timber veneers and timber flooring in a variety of styles, but also carries a slogan across the top of the booth exhorting people to embrace the concept of the 'all electric' home - something almost unthinkable in the years before the war.

The NSW Coat of Arms is being displayed here, rather then used to convey official authority. The craftsmanship of timber workers, probably apprentices, is on show as well as the versatility and variety of timbers available. The inclusion of the Arms does, however, imply government support or even sponsorship for the exhibition and the ideas it was promoting.

Some questions for research:
  1. Was the NSW Coat of Arms displayed in other ways during the war to inspire the citizens of the State in the fight for victory?
  2. Did the types of materials used to make coats of arms during the war differ to any degree compared to the practices before the war?
Source: Sam Hood, Home and Away - 10924 State Library of NSW, Picman.


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