$4 million empowering communities to protect and restore local environments

Local environments and waterways across the state will soon be restored, with 23 grants totalling more than $4 million awarded to community groups and organisations through the NSW Government’s Environmental Trust.

Volunteers planting Lomandra longifolia and native rosemary as part of a vegetation rehabilition project

NSW Department of Planning and Environment’s Contestable Grants Officer Sara Ormond said the 2022–23 Environmental Restoration and Rehabilitation grants help local communities protect the animals and plants that make their regions special. 

“Local communities know their local environments better than anyone and they have much to offer when it comes to caring for the ecosystems they love,” said Ms Ormond. 

“These 23 grants support community groups, non-profit organisations, local councils and state government agencies across NSW to deliver on-the-ground projects to support threatened species recovery and address climate change impacts at a local level.

“The grants are wide-ranging and cover a huge variety of positive environmental actions, such as bush regeneration, erosion control and habitat creation, as well as educational activities including training volunteers and running community workshops,” said Ms Ormond.

Examples of new projects funded as part of the 2022–23 Environmental Restoration and Rehabilitation Grants Program include:

  • $198,885 for Western Local Land Services to create and enhance ‘greenspots’ on 6 properties in far west NSW to support arid-zone biodiversity and benefit threatened fauna species
  • $199,159 to OzFish Unlimited to restore 41 hectares of saltmarsh and mangroves in the Clarence River Estuary, which provides shelter for juvenile fish, acts as a natural coastal buffer and is culturally significant for traditional owners
  • $143,620 for Uralla Shire Council to undertake restoration works at Racecourse Lagoon to remove weeds, restore native grass, install 50 nest boxes and plant 7,500 local tree species.

The NSW Environmental Trust is an independent statutory body that supports environmental projects through grant funding. 

For more information, visit Environmental restoration and rehabilitation.