Biamanga Cultural Area beckons back visitors

The significant men’s place, Biamanga Cultural Area in Biamanga National Park, will reopen to visitors today after it was nearly destroyed in the black summer bushfires.

Woman walking along elevated boardwalk path through bush

Chairperson of the Biamanga National Park Board of Management, Uncle Bunja Smith, said he is pleased that this special place can be once again enjoyed by everyone.

'Biamanga Cultural Area is a significant men's place, holds great spiritual connection and is a special place for men,' Uncle Bunja said.

'We encourage people to visit and enjoy the easy walking trails, lookout points and the picnic area in this culturally significant location,' Uncle Bunja said.

National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) Area Manager, Jo Issaverdis, said upgrades to the visitor precinct mean there is a lot on offer for everyone.

There is no doubt that as soon as you enter the Cultural Area you know you are in a very special, sacred place,' Ms Issaverdis said.

'Unfortunately, around 85% of the visitor infrastructure at the site was completely destroyed in the black summer fires and it has taken a while to rebuild what was there.

'Thanks to contractors and NPWS staff we now have a renewed family-friendly walkway that takes visitors to a scenic lookout where you can hear and see the water cascading over the granite boulders.

'We also repaired the car park and road, seating along the walkway, toilet block, park signage, picnic area, removed dangerous trees and completed erosion control and ecological rehabilitation works.

'As a jointly managed national park these significant works were overseen by the Biamanga Board of Management.

'We encourage locals and visitors to pop into this special place and appreciate first-hand the significance of this Country,' Ms Issaverdis said.

The Biamanga Cultural Area overlooks Mumbulla Falls. Uncle Bunja Smith and Yuin Traditional Custodians ask that people please refrain from swimming in the falls as they hold great cultural significance.

Biamanga Cultural Area is located in the southern end of Biamanga National Park, which is jointly managed by Aboriginal people and the NPWS.


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