Cultural burn planned for Scheyville National Park

The NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) is supporting a cultural burn planned for Scheyville National Park, near Pitt Town, Saturday 2 September.

Cultural burn (Pterostylis chaetophora)

Firesticks Alliance is guiding the burn and Dharug Traditional Owners and community members will be onsite learning and implementing traditional practices.

The burn is also part of the 'Recommencing Cultural Fire, protecting important Ngurra (Country)' workshop which intends to connect people to Country and to make Country healthy, as well as reducing fuel loads.

This burn supports and recognises cultural burning as a fundamental way to manage fire in the landscape and connection of people to Country.

During this cultural burn the undergrowth will be burnt very low and slowly, giving animals time to move away and leaving some patches unburnt.

Smoke may be visible to local residents and anyone vulnerable to smoke is encouraged to stay indoors and keep doors and windows closed to reduce exposure.

All burns around the state are coordinated with the NSW Rural Fire Service to ensure the impact on the community is assessed at a regional level.

People with known health conditions can sign up to receive air quality reports, forecasts and alerts via email or SMS from the Department of Planning and Environment.

For health information relating to smoke from bush fires and hazard reduction burning, visit the NSW Health website or Asthma Australia.

More information on hazard reduction activities is available at NSW Rural Fire Service and the NSW Government Hazards Near Me website and app.