Households urged to check rebate swap for solar eligibility

The NSW Government is making it easier for eligible households to access solar power and save hundreds of dollars on their energy bills.

Solar panel roof in residential area in Glenfield, South West Sydney, NSW

Under the Rebate Swap for Solar offer, eligible households can swap their energy rebate for a free, fully installed 3-kilowatt rooftop solar system.

Households which take up the offer can unlock long-term savings on their electricity bills of up to $600 a year, in comparison to $285 a year for those that continue to receive the Low-Income Household Rebate.

More than 2,500 households have already taken up the offer to date, with the NSW Government encouraging households to check their eligibility.

Solar installers UPowr and LECA have been appointed to supply and install these solar systems.

LECA is servicing customers in the state’s far west, while UPowr is taking care of other NSW regions.

Potential applicants can find out more and apply at: Rebate swap for solar offer

Households who don’t qualify for the offer can check their eligibility for more than 70 rebates to reduce their cost of living via Service NSW: Savings Finder.

Quote attributable to Minister for Climate Change and Energy Penny Sharpe:

“The Rebate Swap for Solar offer is an essential part of our plan to reduce the state’s carbon footprint as NSW transitions to a renewable energy-based Net Zero economy.

“The NSW Government is partnering with private enterprise to reduce energy costs for customers.

“I strongly encourage households who meet the eligibility criteria to apply straight away, to enjoy free solar and reduce their energy bills.”