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Management of Aboriginal Cultural Material

Policy and Guideline

The Office of Environment and Heritage has developed the Management of Aboriginal Cultural Materials Policy and Guideline. These documents apply to all Aboriginal cultural material that is temporary held within OEH Ready to Return Centres. The Management of Aboriginal Cultural Material policy and guideline will:

  • Provide OEH staff members with guidance in order to support the return of Aboriginal cultural material to Aboriginal communities
  • Ensure the professional and culturally appropriate management of Aboriginal cultural heritage material temporarily housed within OEH Ready to Return Centres
  • Provide standards for the storage and cataloguing of cultural material temporarily held by OEH
  • Provide guidance on the management and use of unprovenanced Aboriginal cultural material housed within OEH Ready to Return Centres
  • Identify minimum standards that each OEH Ready to Return Centre must adhere to

You can read the complete policy and guideline via the following links:

PDF Cover Management of Cultural Materials Policy
File name: 120717CultMatPol.pdf
File size: 108 KB
Pages: 10
PDF Cover Management of Aboriginal Cultural Material Guideline
File name: 120718CultMatGd.pdf
File size: 105 KB
Pages: 12

What is an OEH Ready to Return Centre?
OEH managed storage locations for the temporary storage of Aboriginal cultural material.  

What is a Keeping Place?
Final community storage locations managed by Aboriginal communities, where fully repatriated Aboriginal cultural material is held.


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