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Aboriginal women's heritage - Brungle and Tumut

Nine Aboriginal women from the Brungle and Tumut valleys have contributed their stories to this publication as part of the DEC Aboriginal Women's Heritage project. This series allows Aboriginal women from communities across NSW to tell their stories and help raise the profile of the unique historical experience of Aboriginal women in NSW.

As in the first two books in this series - Nambucca and Nowra - women from the area tell stories of their lives.

Most of the contributors grew up on Brungle Mission Station, in the foothills of the Snowy Mountains between Tumut and Gundagai.

The women tell how their mothers made the best of their little tin shacks, lining the walls with newspapers and magazines to keep out the draught, and sweeping the dirt floors until they were 'as hard and as shiny as marble'. They tell about going with their mothers to the river, collecting water to boil up their clothes and washing using a kerosene tin over an open fire by the river, before spreading the clothes out on the grass and trees to dry.

All the women have strong feelings for the river and for the mountains surrounding the spectacular Brungle Valley. They speak of their hopes for their young ones, urging young people in their community to take advantage of the opportunities denied previous generations.

For more information about the Aboriginal Women's Heritage project, contact the DECC  Aboriginal Women's Heritage Coordinator.


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