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Aboriginal women's heritage - Port Stephens

Six Aboriginal women from the Port Stephens region of NSW contributed to this booklet, taking part in a project designed to raise the profile of the historical experience of Aboriginal women along the coast of the state.

In this publication each woman talks about her life and growing up around Port Stephens. Their stories centre on Karuah and Soldiers Point near Nelson Bay. They describe living an idyllic existence where fishing, swimming and playing in the bush were everyday occurrences. They recount how their parents protected them from the realities of the outside world, keeping them safe during a time when the Aborigines Welfare Board was a constant threat to Aboriginal families.

Through their words we find out about the wonders of Port Stephens and how they worked with the sea and the land to survive.

Perhaps the most powerful theme that connects all the women's stories is a sense of pride in their heritage and a love for their area. Each of the women tell of their achievements in life, their respect and love for their parents and their desire to raise awareness and respect for their heritage.

This book is the fifth in a series of publications focused on Aboriginal Women's Heritage across NSW.

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