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Aboriginal cultural heritage

Social significance study

To understand the social significance of Aboriginal heritage in New South Wales (NSW), it is important to start with what Aboriginal people value about places where they lived, worked and visited. Why are certain places important and to whom are these places important? What did they mean to the community? How are these relationships with places still maintained today and what will the community value about these places in the future?

These questions have been asked and answered during the course of a study undertaken in five Local Aboriginal Land Council areas in north-eastern NSW (see map for their locations). The areas are:

  • Tweed Byron
  • Ngulingah
  • Yaegl
  • Birrigan Gargle
  • Grafton Ngerrie.

The types of Aboriginal post-1788 settlements that are found in these areas reflect the diversity of Aboriginal settlements across the State. Each settlement tells a story of individual and family connections to places that have shaped and continue to shape important relationships with the landscape today.

The study results complement the material on the Living Places web pages, and will be available on this page once completed.

Page last updated: 26 February 2011