Cultural science research

Our cultural science work partners Aboriginal and scientific approaches to landscape management and research, with the vision to advance the aspirations of Aboriginal people.

Cultural science partners Aboriginal knowledge and practices with the rigour and measurement of science to create meaningful outcomes for people and places. It involves sharing ideas, knowledge, methods and experiences for the benefit of communities and the environment.Two staff members kneeling on on orange-coloured earth setting up a camera trap system with bushland in background.

There are many Aboriginal communities in New South Wales, all with their own unique language and culture. Aboriginal communities have a deep sense of belonging to place and responsibilities to care for Country.

Aboriginal culture helps us understand our landscapes through deep connection. Science helps us better understand our landscapes through observation and research.


Cultural science helps to:

  • facilitate Aboriginal people’s cultural expression of landscape management
  • enable cultural and scientific methods to work side-by-side
  • support Aboriginal people connect with Country, and help others understand that connection
  • share information that helps conserve cultural values in the landscape
  • map cultural values in the landscape
  • develop ways to describe the benefits of culture in landscape management.

Research projects

Cultural science research projects help us better understand how culture and science can work together. Here are some examples.

Our work on projects such as Sustaining the Willandra, a plan of management for the Willandra Lakes Region, reports on the benefits of cultural approaches to land management and conservation work.

We generate mapping tools, such as the Aboriginal sites decision support tool, which helps protect and preserve cultural values.

These projects report on the benefits of cultural approaches to threatened species and conservation work.

Malleefowl conservation

Help save the malleefowl conservation project

Corroboree frog

Help save the corroboree frog conservation project

Watch this video about Willandra Lakes and how culture and science are working together to better manage the land.