A proposed new legal framework: Aboriginal cultural heritage in New South Wales

The NSW Government has developed a new legal framework to improve the way Aboriginal cultural heritage is protected, managed and celebrated in NSW.

11 September 2017
Office of Environment and Heritage
Publication, Framework
  • ISBN 978-1-76039-929-0
  • ID OEH20170524
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  • Pages 68
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This paper gives a detailed explanation of the proposals in the draft legislation. It details the context for the proposed new law, processes and systems that the legislation will establish, and the benefits to Aboriginal people, industry, government and the community.

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The Guide to finding Aboriginal cultural heritage reform proposals: Public consultation for the draft Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Bill 2018 provides a guide to finding where the reform proposals presented in the Aboriginal cultural heritage in New South Wales: A proposed new legal framework paper, can be found in the public consultation draft Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Bill 2018. The guide also provides information on which components of the proposed framework will sit in regulations, policies or guidelines.

The Factsheets provide you with an overview of the proposed new system, why Aboriginal cultural heritage is important to Aboriginal people and how to get more information.