Abercrombie River National Park Plan of Management

Abercrombie River National Park covers approximately 19,000 hectares and is located 40 kilometres south-west of Oberon and 60 kilometres north of Goulburn. The park includes the catchments of Silent Creek and the Retreat River, as well as a 42 kilometre section of the Abercrombie River.

1 February 2006
Department of Environment and Conservation (NSW)
Publication, Plan of management, Final
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Abercrombie River National Park protects an important area of remnant bushland within the south-western Central Tablelands of NSW. It contains a diversity of vegetation communities characteristic of montane and tableland species as well as of the western slopes of New South Wales. The park makes an important contribution to nature conservation in the Central West by providing habitat for a number of animal species with large home range requirements and low domestic densities.

The park provides opportunities for vehicle touring, bushwalking, swimming, fishing, picnicking and camping amid spectacular scenery. It also provides a pleasant natural break in the landscape between vast areas of cleared grazing land and large areas of pine plantations.

Photo: Abercrombie River National Park / Steve Douglas