Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Reforms Phase 3 Consultation

Report on workshops

This report presents an overview of feedback received through workshops held during the phase 3 public consultation on Aboriginal cultural heritage reforms in 2013-14.

1 November 2016
Office of Environment and Heritage
  • ISBN 978-1-76039-593-3
  • ID OEH20160702
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  • Name aboriginal-cultural-heritage-reforms-phase-3-consultation-workshops-report-160702.pdf


This report documents outcomes from 19 public workshops held across New South Wales between September 2013 and March 2014.

The workshops were structured around 7 broad elements of the government’s proposed reform model:

  1. Preamble and definitions
  2. Committees – composition and boundaries
  3. Committees – functions and accountabilities
  4. Tools for conservation
  5. Creating ACH maps and plans
  6. Penalties, offences and defences
  7. Negotiating agreements and dispute resolution.

The report summarises some of the key messages and discussion points from the 19 workshops and provides examples to show the type and range of feedback given. This report should be read in conjunction with summaries of feedback from other phase 3 consultation processes.

Our Aboriginal cultural heritage legislation webpage provides more information about the reform process and the current proposed new system for managing and conserving Aboriginal cultural heritage in New South Wales.