Aboriginal Heritage Legislation in NSW: Comparing the NSW Aboriginal heritage system with other Australian systems

This publication compares the Aboriginal cultural heritage system in New South Wales with the systems in the other Australian states and territories and with the Commonwealth system. Some examples from New Zealand and Canada are also included where they offer a useful point of difference to Australian situations.

1 May 2012
Office of Environment and Heritage
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The purpose of the publication is to help individuals and communities to better understand the ways in which different culture and heritage systems operate across Australia.

The publication has been prepared as an information resource for people wishing to participate in the process to reform Aboriginal heritage legislation in New South Wales.

In November and December 2011, 26 Aboriginal community workshops (as well as 5 industry and local government round tables) were held across New South Wales. About 340 people attended. The purpose of the workshops was to provide an opportunity for people to voice their views on the present system for protecting Aboriginal culture and heritage in New South Wales and to offer ideas for changing it.

This publication is a response to requests made at the workshops for more background information on the Aboriginal heritage legislation in New South Wales and other Australian states and territories. It provides a comparative review of heritage systems in Australia with some examples from New Zealand and Canada. A separate information paper gives an overview of the Aboriginal heritage system in New South Wales.

Our Aboriginal cultural heritage legislation webpage provides more information about the reform process and the current proposed new system for managing and conserving Aboriginal cultural heritage in New South Wales.