International Best Practice in Air Quality Monitoring Network Design

Independent review commissioned by the National Environment Protection (Ambient Air Quality) Measure Expert Working Group Project 2

The report documents the legislative background and methodologies guiding the design of air quality monitoring networks, as implemented in the European Union, United States and Canada.

9 April 2019
Northstar Air Quality Pty Ltd
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This report provides a succinct 'landscape' review of international best practice in air quality monitoring network (AQMN) design.

Various AQMN design criteria requirements are identified, and international best practice AQMN management is noted. Several observations about AAQ NEPM networks are made, including that:

  • All jurisdictions apply a criterion to reflect population size in the design of AQMNs, and the AAQ NEPM criterion is consistent for all pollutants and lower than any other jurisdiction.
  • Stipulated AAQ NEPM screening criterion (concentration and screening value) be regularly reviewed to reflect present understanding of risks of exposure to specific pollutants.
  • The lack of spatial design criteria under the AAQ NEPM is not 'at odds' with other jurisdictions, however, the development of a spatial scale may assist with its more consistent application.
  • Requirements be considered for a formal AAQ NEPM review timetable, and annual updating of related air quality monitoring plans.
  • Other jurisdictions implement more structured procedures to air quality management than is currently (formally) adopted under the AAQ NEPM. This holistic approach will ultimately provide a mechanism for a more efficient, multi-purpose and integrated AQMN.

The report may be used by jurisdictions to inform a benchmark for international best practice in the design of air quality monitoring networks.