Air Quality Study for the NSW Greater Metropolitan Region

A Sydney Air Quality Study Program Report

This report covers the first phase of our multi-year research program on Sydney air quality.

28 October 2020
Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
  • ISBN 978-1-922493-46-0
  • ID EES20200488
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  • Pages 214
  • Name air-quality-study-nsw-greater-metropolitan-region-200488.pdf

The Sydney Air Quality Study is led by the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment, in collaboration with the NSW Environment Protection Authority and the NSW Ministry of Health. The study provides robust information about the state of air quality in the NSW Greater Metropolitan Region (GMR) to government, business and the community. It also supports the development of actions to improve current and future air quality.

The study investigates:

  • how air pollution varies in time and space across the NSW GMR 
  • the major sources of emissions contributing to air pollution
  • how air pollution affects human health and the environment.

This report presents results from the first phase of the study (2017–2019). Major outcomes include an evaluation of the performance of the regional airshed modelling system, the coupled Conformal Cubic Atmospheric Model and Chemical Transport Model for the NSW GMR, and new insights into major sources of fine particles (particulate matter less than 2.5 microns in diameter) and ozone.