Applying for an Aboriginal Heritage Impact Permit: Guide for applicants

Part 6 National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974

This publication provides guidance and information relevant to preparing an Aboriginal heritage impact permit.

1 May 2011
Office of Environment and Heritage
  • ISBN 978-1-74293-235-4
  • ID OEH20110280
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  • Pages 24
  • Name applying-aboriginal-heritage-impact-permit-guide-for-applicants-110280.pdf

The National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 provides protection for Aboriginal objects and declared Aboriginal Places by establishing offences of harm. Harm is defined to mean destroying, defacing, damaging or moving an object from the land.

One of the defences to harming an Aboriginal Place or object is that the harm was carried out under an Aboriginal heritage impact permit.

This guide is to help you to prepare your AHIP application. It should be read in conjunction with the NPW Act and the National Parks and Wildlife Regulation 2009, in case changes have been made since this guide was published.

If you are unsure about your obligations under the NPW Act or NPW Regulation seek legal advice.