Audley Masterplan

Incorporating the Conservation Management Plan and Visitor Management Strategy for Audley, Royal National Park

This plan is a vision for Audley based on its heritage significance assessed from physical and documentary evidence. It provides a framework for the protection and enhancement of Audley’s natural heritage and a strategy for proposals for future works.

1 May 2006
Department of Environment and Conservation NSW
Publication, Master plan
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Audley is located in the Royal National Park where Kangaroo Creek joins the Hacking River. The river comprises a central freshwater body upstream and a saltwater body downstream of Audley, around which recreational picnic ground and facilities have evolved within the floodzone of the two drainage catchments.

Together with Lady Carrington Drive and the coastal cabin communities, the Audley precinct is one of the significant cultural landscapes within Royal National Park.

Commonly known as a pleasure ground or picnic ground, Audley is the oldest of the cultural landscapes within the park developed for recreational purposes.

The cultural significance of Audley at a state level was given legislative status in 1999, when it was listed as the Audley historic recreational complex on the NSW State Heritage Register.

The basis of significance rests in Audley's role as a focal point for visitors since the establishment of the park in 1879, and as a physical record of all phases of the park's development.


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