Bago Bluff National Park Plan of Management

Bago Bluff National Park covers an area of 4023 hectares about 10 kilometres south-west of Wauchope on the Oxley Highway.

1 September 2007
Department of Environment and Conservation NSW
Publication, Plan of management, Final
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The diversity in soils, geology, topography and weather conditions across the park has led to a wide range of vegetation types, from grassy open forests to rainforest. Included within the park are four former State Forest Flora Reserves that protect representative examples of old growth coastal blackbutt and dry rainforest. The park forms part of a regional fauna corridor that connects the coast to the Great Dividing Range through a series of parks and reserves, State forests and private lands.

Bago Bluff National Park has local social significance for its historical associations with early timber getting in the region. A walking track was constructed through the former Lorne Flora Reserve by the then Forestry Commission to provide opportunities for local school children to learn about the native forests.

The park is a popular location for visitors and locals due to its close proximity to Wauchope and the Oxley Highway. Most people who visit the park do so for its impressive views and landscape features.


Amendment to Bago Bluff National Park Plan of Management (2019)

This amendment provides for additional horse riding access in Bago Bluff National Park and updates the mapping of the park's road and trail network.

This amendment was approved by the Minister for Energy and Environment on 22 August 2019 and should be read in conjunction with the Bago Bluff National Park Plan of Management (2007).