Ben Boyd National Park and Bell Bird Creek Nature Reserve Plan of Management

Ben Boyd National Park and Bell Bird Creek Nature Reserve are located on the far south coast of New South Wales. The national park has an area of 10,485 hectares and is comprised of three sections: large areas north and south of Eden and a much smaller area north of the Pambula River. The nature reserve lies adjacent to the central section of the park and covers 53 hectares.

1 November 2010
Department of Environment, Climate Change and Water NSW
Publication, Plan of management, Final
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Together the park and reserve protect an important area of coastal plant and animal communities including old growth forest, extensive heathland, estuarine and freshwater wetlands, dune ecosystems, a large number of threatened native animals species and biogeographically significant plant species.

A number of cultural features are found in the park, most notably Boyds Tower, Green Cape lightstation and the ruins at Bittangabee Bay associated with whaling and lighthouse activities, as well as a number of Aboriginal sites. An Aboriginal culture camp has been established at Haycock Point to help facilitate Aboriginal cultural activities in the local area.