Bimberi Nature Reserve Plan of Management

Bimberi Nature Reserve is located on the western fall of the Brindabella Range between Kosciusko National Park in New South Wales and Namadgi National Park in the Australian Capital Territory. It is a strip of rugged and forested land on the eastern side of the headwaters of the Goodradigbee River. The crest of the Brindabella Range is the border between New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.

1 January 1997
NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service
Publication, Plan of management, Final
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The nature reserve is one of ten alpine and sub-alpine conservation areas in New South Wales, Victoria and the Australian Capital Territory recognised by the respective governments as having nationally significant natural, cultural and recreational values. These governments and the Australian Government, are signatory to a Memorandum of Understanding on the Co-operative Management of the Australian Alps National Parks. It is the objective of the Memorandum of Understanding to protect the landscape, native plants and animals, cultural values, catchments and outdoor recreation opportunities of the alpine areas of Australia. The Memorandum of Understanding also has an objective to encourage the enjoyment and understanding of alpine environments. The proposals outlined in this plan of management are consistent with the principles and objectives of the Memorandum of Understanding.

The plan recognises that the Mount Franklin Road provides access to a number of recreation sites in Namadgi National Park and to the Mount Ginini Air Navigation Beacon and other facilities and that responsibility for the maintenance of the road will continue to rest with the ACT authorities. The Mount Aggie and Mount Franklin sites within the nature reserve will continue to be managed for visitor use with the objective of encouraging the enjoyment and understanding of the nature reserve by visitors.

Extensive lands in both Kosciusko National Park and Namadgi National Park have been recognised as having wilderness values in adopted plans of management. The wilderness in Namadgi National Park was declared by the ACT authorities in 1989. Much of the Bimberi Wilderness in NSW was declared in 1994 under the NSW Wilderness Act with an additional area added in April 1996, The majority of the nature reserve is declared wilderness, thus completing the link between the Kosciusko and Namadgi wilderness areas.