BioNet Systems enhancements: Release notes November 2016 Version 1

BioNet is the repository of biodiversity data maintained by the Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) and contains species sightings and systematic survey, vegetation classification and threatened entity data used by a wide range of organisations.

1 November 2016
Office of Environment and Heritage
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BioNet data is held across three separate website applications:

  1. BioNet-Atlas
  2. BioNet-Vegetation Classification
  3. BioNet-Threatened Species

To support changes proposed under the biodiversity legislation reforms, two phases of systems enhancements are planned prior to the proposed commencement of the Biodiversity Conservation Act and Local Land Services (Amendment) Act in July 2017.

Changes identified in this release include Phase 1 enhancements to the BioNet-Atlas and BioNet-Vegetation Classification website applications. In total, 31 changes have been implemented for this Phase 1 release, ranging from bug fixes and minor enhancements to new features.

These release notes summarise the Phase 1 system enhancements.

Future Major Phase 2 enhancements are planned for release in July 2017, primarily to support the new Biodiversity Assessment Methodology. These will include:

  • full transition to Plant Community Types (as a replacement to BioMetric Vegetation types)
  • moving to data driven content by
  • connecting vegetation plot system to vegetation classification system
  • deriving vegetation condition benchmarks from vegetation plots
  • ensuring species distributions for threatened species will be explicitly based on sighting records in BioNet
  • creation of a new Map Viewer in BioNet-Atlas.