Biriwal Bulga National Park and Weelah Nature Reserve Plan of Management

Biriwal Bulga National Park and Weelah Nature Reserve are located on the northern edge of the Bulga plateau, approximately 45km north west of Taree and 60km west of Port Macquarie.

1 May 2004
NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service
Publication, Plan of management, Final
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Biriwal Bulga National Park was gazetted in 1999 as part of the North East Regional Forest Agreement and covers an area of 5,813 hectares. It was formally part of Bulga State Forest and Frenchs Creek Flora Reserve. Weelah Nature Reserve covers an area of 37 hectares and was gazetted in 1971, over land donated to the NPWS by Mr George Coleman for the preservation of rainforest.

The planning area is dominated by dry sclerophyll forests, but includes large stands of wet sclerophyll forest and rainforest. Sixteen forest ecosystems have been mapped within the planning area, with extensive areas of old growth forest. The large size, diverse and relatively undisturbed vegetation communities of the planning area provide habitat for a wide range of fauna species. Seventy-four fauna species have been recorded in the planning area, including nine threatened species.

The planning area is significant to the local Aboriginal people. Nine Aboriginal sites have been identified in the planning area and a further two potential cultural sites require investigation.