Boorganna Nature Reserve Plan of Management

Boorganna Nature Reserve covers 390 hectares and is located on the western edge of the Comboyne Plateau, approximately 35 kilometres south-west of Wauchope, 32 kilometres north of Taree and 6 kilometres west of the township of Comboyne.

1 December 2005
NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service
Publication, Plan of management, Final
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The reserve was declared for the Preservation of Native Flora and Public Recreation in 1904. In 1954 the reserve was dedicated as the second Faunal Reserve in NSW, and in 1967 it was renamed Boorganna Nature Reserve.

Vegetation communities in the reserve include subtropical, warm temperate, gully and dry rainforest, as well as wet and dry sclerophyll forests. Nine significant plant species have been recorded in the reserve. Seven threatened animal species have been recorded in the reserve and a further eight species are predicted to occur.

The reserve is popular for picnics, bush walking and bird watching. The majority of visitor use occurs in the eastern section of the reserve where there is a shelter shed, picnic tables and toilets. A 2.7 kilometre walking track leads from the picnic area to the base of Rawson Falls. The reserve also has had a long history as an educational resource and regularly receives visits from students.