Meeting Place Precinct Botany Bay National Park, Kurnell: Conservation Management Plan

The Meeting Place Precinct in Kamay Botany Bay National Park, Kurnell, is a place of profound cultural and historical significance. It is a symbolic meeting place of cultures, from the first meeting between Captain James Cook and Aboriginal Australians, to later meetings involving people of differing nationalities and the seeds of a successful multicultural nation.

1 February 2008
Department of Environment and Climate Change
Publication, Conservation management plan
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At the gateway to Sydney, the Meeting Place Precinct of Botany Bay is of major importance as a symbol of reconciliation, diversity of life and the timeline of a nation's people.

The park contains remnants, through its monuments, of a time of great discovery. It is still a landscape which holds the plant descendants of those collected by Banks and Solander: a landscape that sustained the Aboriginal people for thousands of years. Nearby, a wetland of world importance is a home for migratory birds and sustains an ecosystem of rare significance. 

The specific objectives for this conservation management plan are to:

  • identify, direct and achieve long-term conservation and management outcomes for Botany Bay National Park
  • assist the NSW Government in meeting its corporate objectives and statutory requirements
  • ensure balanced and compatible management of the shared values, meanings and associations of the study area
  • ensure the balanced and compatible management of cultural (historic and pre-contact Aboriginal) and natural heritage values of the study area
  • develop forward-looking management policies within the context of legislative requirements, the PWG management framework and stakeholder issues
  • give direction to future uses for the site while protecting its significance.

To satisfy these objectives, three key outcomes of this CMP are to:

  • support the long-term conservation of the Meeting Place Precinct within Botany Bay National Park
  • inform the plan of management for Botany Bay National Park and the master plan for the Meeting Place Precinct
  • ensure best-practice management and maintenance of both tangible and intangible cultural heritage values.

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