Botany Bay National Park Plan of Management

Botany Bay National Park is highly significant to all Australians because it includes the site of first contact in 1770 between Indigenous Australians and the crew of Lieutenant James Cook’s Endeavour and may be seen as a symbolic meeting place of cultures. It is also the place of last sighting of the French explorer Compte de Laperouse in 1788, the type locality for many of the plant species first collected by Banks and Solander, and contains important samples of endangered ecological communities.

1 May 2002
Office of Environment and Heritage
Publication, Plan of management, Final
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The park’s scenic values have been recognised by the National Trust in classifying it as a landscape conservation area, and it contains a number of historic places of national significance. The remaining Aboriginal sites are important evidence of the long association of Aboriginal people with the area. Inherent in the landscape of Botany Bay National Park is the long history of changing ecosystems and developing cultures.

The role of Botany Bay National Park as a ‘meeting place’ is a central theme for the park. The park offers a unique opportunity to explore the history of meetings between Indigenous and other cultures in Australia.

The plan provides for the protection, and where necessary rehabilitation, of the landscapes, ecosystems, vegetation communities, fauna and faunal habitats of the park. It also provides for the conservation of historic features and significant cultural landscapes.

This plan of management establishes the scheme of operations for Botany Bay National Park.

This plan of management was originally adopted by the Minister for the Environment on 27 May 2002. It was amended in accordance with the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 on 29 June 2016. These amendments are incorporated into this plan.

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Photo: Bare Island viewed from Henry Head walking track, Kamay Botany Bay National Park / Steven Thorne/OEH