Carrai National Park and Carrai State Conservation Area Plan of Management

Carrai National Park and Carrai State Conservation Area are located approximately 100 kilometres west of Kempsey and 60 kilometres south east of Armidale in north eastern NSW. Carrai National Park consists of three separate sections totalling 11,397 hectares, and Carrai State Conservation Area consists of two separate sections totalling 6,853 hectares.

1 July 2008
Department of Environment and Climate Change NSW
Publication, Plan of management, Final
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Carrai National Park and Carrai State Conservation Area protect 20 identified vegetation communities including subtropical rainforest, three old growth forest types, and eight communities that are poorly represented in the NSW system of reserves. They form part of a contiguous forest corridor from north of Dorrigo to the Manning River valley which provides habitat for over 125 animal species, including 14 that are threatened species.

An area of 3,530 hectares within Carrai National Park has been declared wilderness under the Wilderness Act 1987. The declared Carrai wilderness is a component of a larger identified and declared regional wilderness network associated with the Eastern Escarpment.