Chef's cap correa (Correa baeuerlenii)

2017-18 survey

This document reports on surveys conducted between September 2017 and May 2018 across the geographic range of the species in south-east New South Wales.

29 August 2018
Office of Environment and Heritage
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Prior to this survey, recorded locations of chef’s cap correa had not been compiled and checked for some 25 years. As part of the Saving Our Species (SoS) program, this Data Deficient species was targeted for survey. Forty of 145 possible records were checked and 1135 plants were counted. Seed was collected from 2 populations and these are now stored at the Australian Plant Bank at Mount Annan. Twenty-six specimens of the species were collected and are held at the Australian National Herbarium and NSW Herbarium.

Few threats were recorded in the wild populations, but surveys in the future will be required to ensure the populations remain stable and that the long-term survival of this species is assured.

Based on the results of this survey, it is recommended that the chef’s cap correa be removed from the Data Deficient management stream and re-assigned to the Keep Watch stream.