Coolamine Homestead Kosciuszko National Park Conservation Management Plan

The Coolamine Homestead is a historic pastoral outstation located in the northern part of Kosciuszko National Park. The site retains two handbuilt slab and weatherboard homes, yards and log cheesehouse.

1 August 2007
Department of Environment and Climate Change NSW
Publication, Conservation management plan
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The aim of this conservation management plan is to ensure the continued conservation of the significant fabric and to ensure that the rarity of the place is interpreted for visitors. The range of vernacular construction techniques found at this site is unparalleled in New South Wales.

The Coolamine Homestead is located within an area designated as a wilderness area. There is, however, extensive evidence of the cultural use of the Cooleman Run dating back to the 1830s, as well as evidence of Aboriginal use that has yet to be dated, but that predates European use.

The site currently receives many day visitors and it is proposed that this use continue. The Coolamine Homestead has been the site of practical training in bush carpentry and retains rare surviving evidence of a range of vernacular construction techniques. This educational role is one that can be further developed. There is also a long-standing attachment to the site of the descendants of the families who managed the outstations in the mountains and the volunteers who have spent many years campaigning to save the huts that now lie within the Kosciouszko National Park. It is proposed that the family memories inform the interpretation and presentation of the site to the wider public and that occasional events are held that focus on the former pastoral use of the place.

See also: Coolamine Homestead Kosciuszko National Park Conservation Management Plan - Appendices (PDF 3.1MB). The appendices include original notes from the Kosciuszko Huts Association traditional bush tools workshop, Bush tools for Blind Freddie, held at Adaminaby in 1994.

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