Corang pine (Callitris oblonga subsp. corangensis)

2023 post-fire survey, Corang River

The 2023 survey of the Corang pine assessed the impact of the 2019–20 wildfires.

31 October 2023
Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
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The Corang pine (Callitris oblonga subsp. corangensis) is a threatened plant that is only known from a 24 km stretch of the Corang River, north of the town of Braidwood in the NSW southern tablelands.

The 2019–20 wildfires burnt large areas of this species’ habitat and a 2020–21 post-fire survey found that only 2% of the adult population (69 adult plants) had survived the fire. The 2023 survey, documented here, assessed the status of the Corang pine 3 years after the significant impact of the 2019–20 wildfires.

The Corang pine is currently a site-managed species in the NSW Government’s Saving our Species (SoS) program, and the current survey was funded through this program.