Cudgen Nature Reserve Plan of Management

Cudgen Nature Reserve is 464 hectares in extent and is located on the Tweed Coast in far north-eastern NSW. The nature reserve is part of a remnant of native vegetation which is recognised as the only area large enough to be capable of providing long term protection to native plant and animal communities on the Tweed Coast.

1 November 1998
NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service
Publication, Plan of management, Final
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The Tweed Coast is a very complex biogeographic region and fifteen distinct vegetation communities have been identified in the nature reserve which support an exceptionally high diversity of plant and animal species. Of particular importance is the lowland subtropical rainforest around Round Mountain and the littoral rainforests near Camp Wollumbin which include many threatened plant species. Cudgen Nature Reserve also provides protection for a representative sample of coastal floodplain wetlands which are poorly represented within the nature conservation system in NSW.

Many native plant and animal species reach their northern or southern limits of distribution in the area and the nature reserve also provides an overwintering area for migratory and nomadic birds, flying foxes and bats.

A significant koala population resides in and around Cudgen Nature Reserve.

Photo: Cudgen Lake, Cudgen Nature Reserve / J Lugg/OEH