Cultural Fire Management Policy

The purpose of this policy is to support Aboriginal community aspirations to connect to and care for Country through cultural fire management on parks.

1 October 2016
Office of Environment and Heritage
Publication, Policy
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Cultural fire management is defined as the involvement of Aboriginal people in fire management. The term cultural fire management is a broad term, which covers both of the terms below. That is, it can cover the full spectrum of Aboriginal community involvement in fire management from consultation with communities about their needs and values in NPWS fire management activities to community presence on the fire ground for a low risk cultural burn.

Culturally informed burning is defined as any burn with cultural burning objectives and Aboriginal community partnership in planning and approval. Culturally informed burning may not always have Aboriginal people involved on the fire ground.

Community (low risk) cultural burning has the objective to enable Aboriginal community participation in cultural informed burning activities with NPWS. It is any cultural informed burn that would not normally meet the competency, PPE or other provisions of the Fire Management Manual, but can be safely undertaken within the community led (low risk) cultural burn guidelines.