Cut-flower sustainable management plan 2023–27

Protected and threatened plants in the cut-flower industry

This management plan continues the system to facilitate and regulate sustainably harvesting and producing material for the NSW cut-flower industry. The tools and strategies in this plan support the long-term conservation of plant species used in the industry, both in their natural habitat and as part of a viable cultivated native flora industry.

13 February 2023
Department of Planning and Environment
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This plan details the status of protected flora under NSW legislation and the licensing and reporting requirements in the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 (BC Act). It is an important reference for the cut-flower industry and will also help make the public and the cut-flower industry more aware of the issues affecting the management and conservation of protected and threatened native plants used in the cut-flower industry.

This plan replaces the Cut-flower sustainable management plan: Protected and threatened plants in the cut-flower industry 2018–22.