Design Guide for Heritage

Implementing the Better Placed policy for heritage buildings, sites, and precincts

The Design Guide for Heritage was officially launched on 30 January 2019. Developed collaboratively between the Heritage Council of NSW and the NSW Government Architect, it is a resource to ensure good design in heritage places. The Heritage Council of NSW would like to thank everyone who was involved in providing feedback on the draft design.

18 May 2018
Heritage Council of NSW and Government Architect NSW
Heritage publications, Publication, Guide
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The Heritage Council of NSW in partnership with the NSW Government Architect have developed a draft design guide for heritage intended to make it easier to manage heritage design works. The draft guide provides heritage industry professionals, heritage owners, urban planners and developers with up to date advice on managing heritage design works.

Heritage is a living part of our contemporary life. The objects, buildings, stories, songs and rituals become a framework and reference upon which we build the future. Acknowledging our heritage can bring a richness to life; strengthening culture and our understanding of where we have all come from.

The Design Guide for Heritage embraces the complexity of how we integrate and understand our present and our future with our living past. It demonstrates a sophisticated understanding of heritage significance and encourages an innovative, creative and sensitive design approach.