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Five-year review of the Upper Hunter Air Quality Monitoring Network

This document discusses the findings of the Upper Hunter Air Quality Monitoring Network five-year review following the initial five years of operation. The review considered whether the Upper Hunter monitoring program met its objectives and was run efficiently and cost-effectively. It also assessed any need for improvements and consideration of any other related matters.

19 December 2017
Office of Environment and Heritage
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The review concluded that:

  • during the first five years of operation, the extensive data collected by the UHAQMN provided a better understanding of the air quality and meteorology within the Upper Hunter region
  • the objectives of the monitoring program are being met, with stakeholders being provided with reliable and up-to-date Network data which are regularly assessed against air quality standards, sources of pollution continuing to be identified and EPA strategies continuing to be developed and implemented to improve air quality in the region
  • the Network runs efficiently and cost-effectively
  • the minimal change in population distribution, emission sources, topography and meteorology since monitoring commenced, validates maintaining the original network design.