Floodplain Development Manual

The management of flood liable land

The Floodplain Development Manual and the Flood Prone Land Policy guide local government in managing flood risk in their communities.

1 April 2005
New South Wales Government / Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources
Publication, Policies and guidelines, Policy
  • ISBN 0-73475-4760
  • File PDF 2.3MB
  • Pages 149
  • Name floodplain-development-manual.pdf

The Floodplain Development Manual incorporates the NSW Government’s Flood Prone Land Policy and provides advice on how to develop and implement local floodplain risk management plans, as well as guiding councils through the risk management process.

Gazetted in 2005, the manual relates to the development of flood liable land for the purposes of section 733 of the Local Government Act 1993.

The manual:

  • supports the NSW Government’s Flood Prone Land Policy by guiding councils through the floodplain risk management process
  • provides advice on how to identify flood risk, develop floodplain risk management plans and implement those plans
  • outlines the technical and financial assistance provided by the NSW Government.

Additional support

The Floodplain Risk Management Guidelines provide extra support for councils to develop and implement floodplain risk management plans. This series of guidelines cover many aspects of managing floodplain risk, and include associated templates and spreadsheets.

For more information on technical issues, contact your local DPE office or the Environment Line on 131 555.