Framework for the spatial prioritisation of koala conservation actions in NSW

Saving our Species Iconic Koala Project

This report and associated datasets provide a strong evidence-base for prioritising investment and making decisions to conserve koalas.

17 April 2020
Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
Publication, Framework
  • ISBN 978-1-925755-38-1
  • ID EES20190045
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  • Pages 124
  • Name framework-spatial-prioritisation-koala-conservation-190045.pdf

This report identifies:

  • Areas of Regional Koala Significance (ARKS) across NSW based on where koalas have been observed, among other factors
  • critical threats likely affecting each of the ARKS at a regional scale
  • the sensitivity to loss of koalas from each of the ARKS
  • the likely resilience of each of the ARKS to future impacts.

The objectives of the ARKS include:

  • identification of key koala populations and management areas which have potential for long-term koala security and viability
  • identification of priority threats to key koala populations at the regional scale.

This ground-breaking analysis gives us new ways to consider priority management responses to the threats faced by koalas in different regions of NSW.

The datasets are also included in the statewide Koala Habitat Information Base being developed for the NSW Koala Strategy.

First published in September 2019; reprinted April 2020 with changes to Table 1.