Guidelines for Heritage Trails

Heritage trails and plaques are an increasingly popular means of promoting an area's heritage. These guidelines are directed mainly at professional officers within local government so that they can develop heritage trails and produce high quality interpretive material with minimum reliance on outside consultants.

1 March 1995
NSW Heritage Office
Heritage publications, Publication, Guideline
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Heritage trails are established routes linking significant items of an area's heritage. They are usually promoted in tourist pamphlets and are often supplemented by interpretive pamphlets or cassette tapes. Some trails incorporate plaques or signs on particular structures to provide additional information.

A heritage trail can be explored as a guided tour or in self-guided form. Guided tours, which are generally walking tours or bus tours, and which usually charge a fee, cater only for visiting groups or organised party excursions. A knowledgeable guide can add significantly to the participants' appreciation of the tour and of the items visited. Guided tours are a very good way for visitors with a limited amount of time to be given a good overview of a locality's heritage. They can also add a bonus by enabling the group to inspect properties which are otherwise inaccessible from the street.