Guidelines for using cost-benefit analysis to assess coastal management options

Cost-benefit analysis allows the community to consider the socio-economic implications of different management options.

22 June 2018
Office of Environment and Heritage
Publication, Guideline
  • ISBN 978-1-92575-382-0
  • ID OEH20180318
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  • Pages 40
  • Name coastal-management-options-costbenefit-analysis-guidelines-180318.pdf


The purpose of these guidelines is to assist councils in the preparation of detailed cost-benefit analyses (CBA), suitable for complex and higher risk decisions. CBA can be used to evaluate coastal management options in all coastal management areas.

The guidance is targeted at council staff who have relevant economic expertise, or economic consultants engaged by the council, to develop valid CBAs of coastal management options. It is also intended to help councils and public authorities to review, interpret and apply the results of a CBA.

The guidelines focus on how to use CBA to evaluate management options for reducing risks associated with coastal hazards such as beach erosion, recession and coastal inundation.