How to carry out work on heritage buildings and sites

The aim of heritage conservation is to ensure that the cultural significance of heritage items is maintained over time. While changes may be necessary to adapt heritage buildings to new uses, it is important to ensure that these changes do not compromise the heritage significance of the item.

1 January 2002
Heritage Office
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The underlying philosophy of heritage conservation in Australia is expressed in the Australia ICOMOS Charter for the Conservation of Places of Cultural Significance, commonly known as the Burra Charter (see Appendix A). These guidelines provide practical advice on how to implement the Burra Charter philosophy.

The Burra Charter is fully explained in The Illustrated Burra Charter, which can be purchased from the Department of Urban Affairs & Planning or NSW Heritage Office. Send your payment with the order form at Appendix B.

These guidelines will assist you in planning to undertake conservation work on a heritage building. A companion publication explaining the principles on which conservation work should be based is also available from the Department (see order form at Appendix B).