Living Land, Living Culture: Aboriginal Heritage and Salinity

Living Land, Living Culture is a 90-page illustrated book based on a two-year research project to investigate the impact of salinity on Aboriginal culture and heritage in NSW.

1 June 2005
Department of Environment and Conservation
  • ISBN 1-74137-104X
  • ID DEC20050003
  • File PDF 2MB
  • Pages 94
  • Name aboriginal-heritage-salinity.pdf

The study was an initiative of the NSW Salinity Strategy, announced in 2000, and focuses on the Wiradjuri Aboriginal people and their traditional country in central NSW. It documents Wiradjurii concerns about the impact of salinity on their heritage sites and the way in which it is making it increasingly difficult to find and utilise medicinal plants and wild foods.

The authors present ideas and strategies for dealing with these problems. It describes ways in which Aboriginal people can be involved and how their values can be included in strategies to deal with salinity. The book's core message is that the management of natural and cultural heritage needs to be linked and that there needs to be a better understanding of the relationship between people's sense of place and the condition of the environment around them. It is intended to be a resource for environmental planners and land managers and it is anticipated that it will be instrumental in bringing this aspect of salinity to the attention of many people for the first time.

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