Lodge Environment Manual

A guide to managing environmental risk and monitoring environmental performance

Kosciuszko National Park, is the largest national park in New South Wales, covering an area of 673,542 hectares. The park is of considerable international and national signifi cance and comprises spectacular natural environments including the countriy’s highest peaks, fragile mountain ecosystems, the famous Snowy River and all of the NSW ski resorts.

1 November 2012
Office of Environment and Heritage
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The Perisher Range Resorts (PRR) include the ski areas and villages of Perisher Valley, Smiggin Holes, Guthega and Blue Cow. Perisher Blue Pty Ltd provide and operate the main resort infrastructure including the Skitube, some accommodation, retail, forty lifts and associated ski slopes. The municipal services are provided by the NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service. There are 88 independent club lodges, 6 hotels, 26 commercial lodges/ apartments, numerous staff accommodation buildings and a range of retail and resort services.

The presence of concentrated tourism in a national park inevitably puts some level of stress on the environment. Tourists, tourism operators, service providers and land managers all contribute to changing the natural environment. In 2002 in recognition of the outstanding natural beauty of the area and the importance of conserving its unique environmental values, conservation groups and businesses came together to protect their environment. With oversight by NPWS, a collaborative eff ort was made to create an Environmental Management System (EMS) for the Perisher Range Resorts, also known as the PRREMS.