Management of native birds that show aggression to people

NPWS Policy

The Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) has a policy on the management of native birds that show aggression. This policy sets guidelines for DPIE officers to respond to and manage encounters between people and aggressive birds.

1 August 2003
NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service
Publication, Policy
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The policy guides DPIE staff in such things as:

  • providing practical advice and support for members of the public, to help them avoid aggressive bird encounters and deal with these encounters when they occur
  • determining when a bird is considered a risk to public safety, and understanding differing roles and responsibilities of staff on DPIE-managed lands and on land managed by other people
  • developing and implementing education and awareness strategies, to build positive community attitudes to living with native birds
  • promoting partnerships with other organisations, such as local councils which also assist with these matters, to improve management of these issues
  • maintaining an ongoing record of responses to wildlife management, including incidents with aggressive birds, as a basis for monitoring and evaluation.

Photo: Australian magpie pair (Cracticus tibicen) / John Turbill/OEH