Mother of Ducks Lagoon Nature Reserve Draft Plan of Management

The Mother of Ducks Lagoon Nature Reserve Draft Plan of Management closed for comment on 18 June 2018.

Mother of Ducks Lagoon Nature Reserve adjoins the township of Guyra on the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales. The park covers 195 hectares and is part of a larger lagoon basin covering approximately 340 hectares.

12 March 2018
Office of Environment and Heritage
Publication, Plan of management, Draft - closed for comment
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Mother of Ducks Lagoon Nature Reserve contains two threatened ecological communities and provides habitat for several vulnerable and endangered bird species.

The park has research and educational value for its unusual hydrological features, which are both natural and modified.

It lies within the traditional Country of the Banbai Aboriginal People and in the Guyra Local Aboriginal Land Council. The land, water, plants and animals within a landscape are central to Aboriginal spirituality and contribute to Aboriginal identity.

This plan aims to conserve both the natural and the cultural values of the Mother of Ducks Lagoon Nature Reserve. The location, landforms and plant and animal communities of the area have determined how it has been used and valued by both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people.

Parks and reserves established under the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 need to have a plan of management. The plan includes information on important park values and provides directions for future management. The plan of management is a legal document, and after the plan is adopted all operations and activities in the parks must be in line with the plan.

This plan of management will replace the Mother of Ducks Lagoon Nature Reserve Statement of Management Intent which was approved in 2014. Statements of management intent are non-statutory documents which summarise the key values and management directions for a park.

After public consultation, draft plans are adopted by the NSW Minister for the Environment.

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