Mother of Ducks Lagoon Nature Reserve Plan of Management

Mother of Ducks Lagoon Nature Reserve is located in the township of Guyra, close to the Great Divide at an elevation of 1315 metres. The lagoon is one of 58 natural freshwater wetlands on the New England Tableland but only one of three in National Parks and Wildlife Service reserves. The park covers 195 hectares and is part of a larger lagoon system covering approximately 340 hectares. The nature reserve in the traditional Country of the Banbai Aboriginal People.

31 July 2020
Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
Publication, Plan of management, Final
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The park contains threatened ecological communities including the Upland Wetlands of the Drainage Divide listed under both the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 and the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999, and Ribbon Gum–Mountain Gum–Snowy Gum Grassy Forest/Woodland of the New England Tableland Region, listed as an endangered ecological community under the Biodiversity Conservation Act.

The park is a significant site for resident, endemic and international migratory bird populations, including 3 endangered, 9 vulnerable and 7 migratory bird species. The landscape of the reserve is significant to both the Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal communities. The park provides low impact self-reliant recreation such as walking and birdwatching.

This is the first plan of management prepared for the park. It contains several actions to protect the natural environment, including protection of threatened species and communities, control of pest plants and animals, maintenance of water regimes and fire management to protect biodiversity.