Murrurundi Pass National Park Draft Plan of Management

Public exhibition for this document was from 24 June 2016 to 10 October 2016. Public consultation for this document has ended.

Murrurundi Pass National Park Community Conservation Area Zone 1, commonly known as Murrurundi Pass National Park is located on the south-east side of the Liverpool Range, immediately east of Nowlands Gap (also known as Murrurundi Pass), 2 kilometres north-west of Murrurundi in the Upper Hunter district of New South Wales. The park is 215 hectares. It is bounded to the south-west by the New England Highway, to the north by the watershed of the Liverpool Range, and to the east by private property.

1 June 2016
Office of Environment and Heritage
Publication, Plan of management, Draft - closed for comment
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Murrurundi Pass National Park is significant because of its natural and cultural values, including:

Landscape and catchment values

  • The park is part of a visual landscape of dramatic mountain scenery that provides an important backdrop to the upper Hunter Valley. There are scenic views down the Hunter Valley from the park.
  • The park lies on the watershed between the Namoi and Hunter catchments, the majority draining into the Hunter River.

Biological values

  • The park contains the only known reserved occurrence of the rare Murrurundi stringybark (Eucalyptus conjuncta).
  • The park has a high diversity of plants and animals due to its location on the junction of the Sydney Basin, Brigalow Belt South and Nandewar bioregions.
  • The park forms a stepping stone on a regional corridor along the Liverpool Range as well as a potential sub-regional corridor linking with the Wingen Maid, a locally and culturally significant landscape feature, and may provide habitat for a range of threatened species.

Aboriginal heritage values

  • The park lies within the traditional Country of the Wonnarua People.

Historic values

  • Historic values reflect with early exploration, settlement and use of the land by the Murrurundi community. Before reservation, the park was part of the Murrurundi Common.