Nadgee Nature Reserve Plan of Management

Nadgee Nature Reserve is located on the far south coast of NSW between Wonboyn Lake and the Victorian border and has an area of 20,671 hectares. It comprises coastal range, coastal plain, estuaries, beaches, cliffs, dunes and other coastal landforms.

1 June 2003
NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service
Publication, Plan of management, Final
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The reserve contains a complex variety of plant communities, including four types of rainforest and one of the four large areas of heathland on the NSW south coast. It protects a concentration of threatened and biogeographically significant native plant and animal species. There are six rare plant species, a large number of restricted species and 24 plant species that reach their southern limit of distribution in the reserve. Thirty-seven species of threatened native animals have been recorded. The reserve is an outstanding area for scientific research.

Many Aboriginal sites have been recorded in the reserve, providing a detailed record of Aboriginal occupation of this part of the coast. There are also several historic places associated with former agricultural and other uses.

The reserve will be managed to protect its natural and cultural values, with emphasis on maintenance of habitat diversity and conservation of populations of rare and threatened species. Historic and Aboriginal sites will be protected from disturbance, educational programs and approved scientific research will continue to be encouraged.

Photo: Nadgee Nature Reserve / John Spencer/OEH