Native Vegetation Integrity Benchmarks

Release notes supporting Static Benchmarks June 2019 (Version 1.2)

Vegetation integrity or condition benchmarks describe the reference state to which sites are compared to score their site-scale biodiversity values or set goals for management or restoration.

9 September 2019
Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
Publication, Technical note
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This document focuses on the changes in static benchmarks between Version 1.1 (August 2017) and Version 1.2 (June 2019). These changes have resulted from improvements to empirical data and long-term average rainfall prediction. These release notes also document the new confidence ratings and summed cover capping applied to V1.2 benchmarks.

Note: data linked with this report is approved for use in the BAM Calculator as at June 2019. The status of these data may change over time. Refer to the BioNet Vegetation Classification data collection or the BAM Calculator to confirm status, and to access the latest data.